Hi Paola Bertoldi! This song is to my newest dance competition lyrical and I want to know what you think! <3 you

What fun it was to portray Maggie in Foxglove.  That’s Ms. Brianna, she did my makeup and hair, and she was so sweet to talk to on set!  I loved having her touch me up between shots because we could chat some more!  She also has a twin sister that was on set Sunday, they are SO pretty!  Foxglove is a short story about sisters dealing with the loss of their grandmother and discovering the shared belief of fairies living in grandma’s garden.  Ms. Camille played my grandmother and we played Purble Place between shots.  She is good at that game!  I exchanged email with her and we are going to stay in touch!  Again, an incredible crew and super cast.  I am blessed to have the chance to work and meet everyone, I’m super excited to see this at the screening!  The director, Alexa Shackelford has such clear vision on what she wants that it made it easy for me to give her my best.  Thank you for giving me the bunny Ms. Alexa!  I’ve named him Philip.  One of the guys on the crew sounds exactly like Rigby on Regular Show, he says it’s not him but I swear it is…  :)  Oh, and Zoe Ose wrote me back!  She also likes to dance, and she likes barbies!  I wrote her again!  I’m looking forward to getting to know her better!